So Dear to My Heart - Susan Barrie There was not much special about this book. It didn't pull me in, neither did I warm up to it later on. It was an okay read.First the heroine. I slightly liked her in the beginning but then it went downwards from there. She didn't know how to stand up for herself at all. And I hated how she was willing to give everything up (everything being the hero, aka the love of her life) but not her pride. I hated how she led him to believe that she was getting married to Clive. I mean, is your pride really more important to you than him? How could you just walk away? And it was obvious that he was deeply in love with her, with his display of jealousy and extreme passion. As for the hero, he wasn't that special either. I don't understand how he fell in love with the heroine at one look. I find that type of love unbelievable. And quite a lot of the things he did went unexplained. But the main reason I didn't like this book was because of the denseness and cowardice of Virginia (the heroine).The antagonist OW wasn't much of an antagonist either. We actually only see her in two scenes in the entire book, and that too in the beginning. My favourite character was the General, Clive's father. He was a hoot! Even though we only see I'm once, I loved him. Loud and boisterous and fun, with a big heart. He was quite a character. I also loved the children, Virginia's two charges. They were darlings.But all in all, this was a pretty meh book. Not good, but not entirely bad either.