Love With A Long Tall Texan - Diana Palmer There was one thing I didn't like about all the stories, the fact thatthey all started thinkng about marriage so very quickly. In the second story, Luke started thinking about the 'future' the hour he figured she wasn't what he thought.Guy Fenton: 4 starsThis story was really good, a favourite, in fact. I loved the plot about Guy's past (well, I guess that much would be obvious, given my thing for tortured heroes). Candy was a sweetheart, big-hearted and generous. I really enjoyed the story,Luke Craig: 2 starsThe book startedout well, even if I found the part where aluke changes his mnd about her and startsthinking of a future with her so quickly a bit unrealistic. The middle of the story was good, especially with the Cy Parks deal, and I loved Kell's part in the story (I hope the DP writes a story for him) but it went downhill from there. I hated how stubborn Belinda wasand I hated how Luke had to do all the chasing. I would have been more satisfied with Luke's story if he'd have had a more likeable woman to fall in love with.Christopher Deverel: 4 starsI loved this book as well. I loved the mystery side-plot to the story, I haven't read many DP novels with mystery plots. She does them quite well. I loved the characters, Chris especially (tortured hero plot again) and Delia was completely, utterly likeable. I loved her soft-hearted character, and I loved how she made Chris more confident about himself. I also liked the way their relationship advances.And last but definitely not least, I simply, absolutely loved Tansy and Herbert. I had a good laugh over the two of them.