Fugitive Father - Jean Barrett I loved this book, it was actually very naturalistic and the most believable fugitive-hostage romance I've ever read. The issues and obstacles are dealt with and executed very realistically. I liked the fact that his escape was some lucky break or extreme brilliance on the hero's part, but a well-planned plot of another prisoner. The character development was pretty good, although I didn't like the way he treats her in the beginning. The only element of unrealism comes in when she falls for him even though he's been rough with her,The entire story thrives on practicality, especially on Ellie's part. She hardly acted on her emotions. It's something of a novelty in romance novels, not necessarily a good thing.I loved Joel's part in the story, and by the end I was completely in love with him, his father and the book. I also loved the adventure side to the story, All in all, an enjoyable read.