Dark Lover - J.R. Ward So I finally got around to starting this series!!! Hearing Farnaz go on and on about Zsadist finally did it. And let me tell you, my hearts already WEEPS for his pain and anguish, and how NO ONE trusts or believes him. Even his own twin.So back to the book. A 3.9 stars. I'll come to why later. For now, the good stuff.Damn, this author writes well. Really well. I love how her characters' names are so cheesy but the way she writes, the way she describes them and portrays these characters is anything but. Hats off, JR Ward. I'm definitely going to continue reading the series. As for Wrath and Beth, I liked them. Wrath, of course, stole my heart from the very first. Right when I learned about his blindness. I have a thing for disabled/handicapped heroes. And Wrath's self-loathing and inner torture just made me fall harder. God, that man. God. And the tender way he took care of Beth, the way he spoke to her, the way he behaved with her *swoon*As for Beth (now come the reasons for the 3 stars), she was a sweetheart. Admittedly, I didn't like her very much at the beginning but I suppose I understood her wariness and distrust of Wrath. WHAT I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND WAS HOW QUICKLY SHE GOT OVER HER WARINESS AND GAVE HIM HER COMPLETE AND UTTER TRUST AFTER HAVING SEX WITH HIM TWICE. WTH WOMAN? WTH???YOUR MISTRUST AND UNCERTAINTY DOESN'T JUST WASH AWAY AFTER THAT. I mean, HOW CAN YOU KNOW WHAT HE'S LIKE WHEN THE ONLY INTERACTIONS YOU'VE HAD WITH HIM IS HAVE SEX AND PREVENT HIM FROM KILLING YOUR COP FRIEND? I would have liked it better if the author had just eased into the trust thing, you feel me? (Dammit Naz, I'm talking like them too now). If Wrath had 'slowly but surely' gained her trust and love. The way the author wrote it made it look a little unrealistic.I would ALSO have liked there to be more romance between the two. THERE WEREN'T ENOUGH SCENES BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM!! And the few that were there were filled with longing and lust and come-hither glances. (Although in all fairness I liked that part.)But I didn't feel the romance growing between the two, the love blooming or their hearts changing. The author stated that each loved the other, but she doesn't show us, you feel me? She told us how they felt but us, as readers, we don't really see it happening. NOW THE MAIN HATE-PART. THE USELESS SCENES ABOUT MR X AND BILLY JO OR WHATEVER HIS NAME WAS AND HAVERS AND MARISSA. THEY WASTED SO MUCH TIME!!! She could have written about the relationship between Wrath and Beth instead of all those blekh scenes (I skimmed through most of them)!!! They were honestly so horrible!!I would have preferred there to be some more Wrath-Beth in the book. OR IF SHE INSISTED ON HAVING THOSE SCENES, SHE SHOULD HAVE MADE A NOVEL LARGER THAN THIS MERE 400 PAGES ONE. Then at least the awful useless stuff would've been more bearable.But seriously, it was a good read. I loved it, especially the parts with the brothers coming all together and ragging at each other. I laughed hard a time or two. And (even though the tats or the gothic looks didn't do it for me,) I pretty much swooned when she described their looks and hair and height and MUSCLES. And Phury's prosthetic (diasbled hero!) and Rhage's dragon. God. Looking forward to reading the other books in the series, especially Zsadist's story!!