A Happy Meeting - Betty Neels 4.6 starsThis has got to be my most favourite Betty Neels book! I loved every minute of it. It was so sweet and pleasant and absolutely wonderful. This is Betty Neels at her best!Cressida was such a sweetheart, I really loved her. She actually knew how to stand up for herself, unlike most Betty Neels heroines. I literally pumped my fist up in the air when I learned that she just up and left Nicola's aunt because of her horrible treatment of her. Go Cressida! (And Cressida is such a pretty name, isn't it? I loved the children's nickname of her, Cressy. I loved it even more when Aldrik started calling her that too.) She was brave and had a very big heart. She's probably my most favourite out of all of Betty's heroines. I actually sympathised with her every step of the way. Yup, you read that right. Me, the heroine-hater, actually sympathised with her. That's how much I loved this book.Aldrik was also not your typical Betty Neels hero. He was so kind and considerate. I fell in love with him right from the beginning. Admitted, I did feel like smacking his head a few times when he was being so dense in regard to Nicola (he was too trusting and not observant enough) but he realises his mistake soon enough. I liked him plenty. Another thing I always love about Betty Neels' books, the large age gap between the hero and heroine. I love it when the heroes are so much older than the heroines!As for the antagonist, Nicola, she wasn't your typical BN antagonist either, she was over the top. But you have to give her points for being so persistent and vindictive.Another thing I loved about this book was the kissing scene.“My beautiful girl,” he said, and fell to kissing her once more.It was nice to be called beautiful, reflected Cressida, kissing him back with goodwill, even though it wasn’t true, and, anyway, she felt beautiful. With what breath she had left she said, “Aldrik…”“For God’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love you,” growled the doctor, and meant every word.See what I mean? So much more passion than is normal for Betty Neels. I loved it. :')