Enamored - Diana Palmer Oh God. I can't ever express the intensity of my love for this one woman. *sob* I can't even - I just -Okay okay, trying to calm down.First of all, I'll talk about the Epilogue and how Palmer flashed back to five years ago in the first few chapters. I loved that, I loved feeling what they both (especially Melissa) felt and going through what they went through. Now this, ladies, is how you tell history. The angst, pain and emotion in this story was perfect. I loved Diego, especially because of his asshole-ness, and I loved Melissa for her sweetness, and for standing up for herself. I loved that she wasn't a doormat either. And Matt was so adorable! I kept going 'Awwwwww' every time he spoke about himself in the third person. 'Mr Man doesn't like Matt.' Diana Palmer writes emotion so well. And I love the smartass banter between the characters. I've laughed so many times because of the kickass stuff the heroines say to the heroes when they're being complete asses. The side characters' romance, Apollo and Joyce? Janice? (I'm awful with names) was really cute too. I prefer what she did in this book, give them a happy ending of their own in the same book, to what she usually does; give the characters a book of their own. The story usually drags then, so I liked what she did here.This was a well-written, wonderful book, and like most other Diana Palmer books, I loved it so very much