Lacy - Diana Palmer I'm still reeling from this book. It was so totally unlike a regular Diana Palmer!!! :O Especially Katy, Cole's sister. So completely not like your regular DP heroine! She was too immature and uncaring; I didn't like her one bit. (But she really didn't deserve all the stuff that happened to her).Even the story wasn't written the way she usually writes. There were three couples' stories in this one, and even though this book is supposed to be Lacy and Cole's, it felt like it was all about Katy.Anyways, I'm not sure how to rate this book. While on one hand I loved loved loved Lacy and Coleman's story, I hated Katy's. I've said it before and I'll say again - I honestly hate it when the heroine in a book goes out with a guy other than the hero. In this case, she had TWO of them, one of whom she married and the other with whom she committed adultery with. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I can't say that I find that sort of behaviour acceptable. Katy was too wild and immoral for my taste. Turk, Katy's love interest (the 'hero'), was a good hero. He had potential, and paired with the right woman, his would have made a really good story. But *sniffle* it was disappointing. (I still love Diana Palmer though).Ben, Cole's brother, was truly an ass. I liked his and Faye's story better than I liked Katy's, although it wasn't as good as Cole's and Lacy's. I didn't like the way Faye forgave him everything because she loved him so much, and I hated the callous way he treated her. In my opinion, he didn't do enough grovelling at the end. If I were Faye, I would have made him work for it more. MUAHAHAHA.I'm not writing a long review this time because I hardly have time to read anymore, and now that I'm free, I'd rather spend it reading than writing. I miss reading :'(Coleman and Lacy: 4 stars (I loved their story, would have liked it better if we were told their story from the beginning)Katy and Turk: 0 starsBen and Faye: 2 stars