The Fifth Day of Christmas - Betty Neels Once again I find that I'm not too tired to state HOW MUCH I FUCKIN' LOVE BETTY NEELS. (Excuse the language.) This book has to be one of my favourites by her. It was just so beautiful!!Even the OW was so amazingly evil.How I love this sweet anguish Betty puts us readers through! And anguish it definitely was! Throughout the entire book I was likeShe was honestly one of Betty's best efforts at penning an OW. So wonderfully devious and evil!!Now I'll move onto the heroine, Julia. To say I was surprised when I found out that she was breathtaking-ly pretty is an understatement. I had to go back and read it again just to make sure that I'd read it right. Then I wondered how this was going to work out. Usually Betty Neels' heroines are 'mousy' and plain, and the OWs are beautiful and eye-catching. This time the heroine was the eye-catching one (not that the OW wasn't, she was just as eye-catching, but that's beside the point ATM). I so completely didn't want a self-centred, puffed up heroine, not from Betty Neels! So I was really wary. But I needn't have worried. Because not only did Betty do an amazing job with this heroine, but Julia has to be my most favourite out of all her heroines. THAT IS HOW MUCH I LIKED HER.I really loved how Julia was able to stand up for herself, all the while being such a sweet and lovable heroine. She knew how to give it back good, she had some fire in her, this one! She wasn't a total doormat in front of the OW or the hero. I had to hold in my loud cheers at her fiery retorts at times.Despite all that, she didn't let her feelings get in the way. She was practical, professional and yet managed to come off as feminine. I loved her.As for the hero, he wasn't my most favourite of BN's heroes (dear old Tyco still has that honour) but God DAMMIT, BN's RDDs FTW.The reader knows at once that he's smitten with the heroine right from the beginning, although he keeps us on our toes with his affectionate and understanding behaviour towards Marcia, the bitch (aka OW). I loved the part at the ending where he gives Julia the 'five gifts of Christmas'. Dammit that was so romantic!!! Be still my beating heart :') This one was all in all an amazing read. I loved it so very much, this one's a special one. And once again, Betty outdid herself with the wonderful descriptions of the scenery and the food. *sigh* How I love this woman.Data:Author: Betty NeelsType: Romance, Harlequin, VintageSetting:Time: 1970'sPlace(s): Scotland; near Newcastle, England; London, Holland; between Tilburg and OisterwijkCharacters:Heroine: Julia Pennyfeather, Age: 22, Occupation: NurseHero: Ivo van dee Werff, Age: almost 30, Occupation: doctor; anaesthesist, Specific to BN:Hero's special manner/conduct: hooded eyesFood: Can't, for the life of me, remember