Tabitha in the Moonlight - Betty Neels I gave a BN book a 5-star rating, instead of my usual 3- to 4-star. 'Nuff said.I don't really feel like writing a review ATM, so I'm only going to state how much I loved this book and everything about it, characters and descriptions included. And also that it's my most favourite one out of all the Betty Neels books I've read so far.Data:Author: Betty NeelsType: Romance, Harlequin, VintageSetting:Year: 1970'sPlace(s): England; Bath, Dorset, Holland; VeereCharacters:Heroine: Tabitha 'Tabby' Crawley, Age: 25, Occupation: NurseHero: Marius van Beek, Age: 38, Occupation: doctor; orthopaedic surgeon