Years - LaVyrle Spencer 4.75 stars Oh Lord, spare my poor daggered, bleeding, weeping, healing, overjoyed heart! This book was a rollercoaster, a tornado of emotion. Soaring p in cloud nine and, within minutes, buried deep in the ground. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it! One of the best (or worst) things about the book was that it is so very realistic. I loved the alternating tenderness, angst, hatred and love between the characters. Some parts melted me, some part made me almost cry. I can't even put what I feel for this book into words.A salute to Spencer, it's a masterpiece. As my first book by her, I must say I'm very impressed. I'll definitely be checking out more by her, when I'm in the mood for an angsty, emotional turmoil-filled realistic romance.